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Invisalign Braces in Belleville, IL

Want to Know More About Invisalign Braces?

Are you trying to figure out the best way to repair your smile without having to worry about the irritation of wires and brackets? We know how uncomfortable the back-to-back visits to your orthodontist can be, so it is our goal to make each experience a positive one. Invisalign braces may suit you best if you want to avoid the challenges that are usually presented by traditional braces.

At Smile Team Dental in Belleville, IL, we cater to patients of all ages, although Invisalign braces are usually recommended for patients between the ages of 18 and 30. We have more than 15 years of experience in the dental industry and we are always in-the-know about the changes and advancements that can greatly benefit our patients.

Invisalign braces are designed to better accommodate you when it comes to brushing, flossing and other methods of oral care. When you are aiming to improve your smile, it doesn’t have to be a major hassle. That’s why we have many options for you to choose from. Invisalign braces are convenient and they also work quickly. Contact us today to learn more!

Invisible Braces that Effectively Straighten Your Teeth

You may be wondering exactly how invisalign braces work to straighten your smile. Our dentist will customize aligners with a 3D system to be applied directly to your teeth. They will be adjusted every 2 weeks during each visit as your teeth begin to shift and can be removed for eating, drinking and cleaning purposes only.

Perhaps the best advantage of invisalign braces is the fact that most people won’t even notice them. They have a natural look and allow you to function normally throughout your wear period, which is usually only about 10 short months!

Repair Your Smile with Clear Braces

Your smile can be repaired in no time at all when you rely on Smile Team Dental for clear braces in Belleville IL. Enjoy the comfort of knowing that the process won’t last long and your decision will eventually result in a beautiful and healthy smile!

Contact us today to find out about a quicker method for straightening your teeth in Belleville with Invisalign braces. We proudly welcome patients from Swansea, Fairview Heights, Edwardsville, Collinsville, Saint Claire, Madison County, Cahokia, Granite City, Shiloh, Dupo, Scott Air Force Base, O'Fallon and Alton, Illinois.

The Missouri Dental Board and the ADA do not recognize the treatment of TMJ (neuromuscular dentistry) or cosmetic dentistry as a specialty. Further, the ADA does not require any additional training of dentists who perform or advertise these procedures. Dr. Quigless practices general dentistry in St. Louis, Missouri but he has many continuing education hours in cosmetic and TMJ therapy procedures at the prestigious Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Education.